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Stopping Identity Theft The Right Way

There are many tips to stop identity theft in its tracks. When people fall victim to identity theft, it can ruin them financially and emotionally. That is why it is up to you to stop identity theft. Here are some ways to stopping identity theft the right way.

The most important thing to do when stopping identity theft is to keep track of everything. All your bills, receipts and mail should be tracked. Anything you don’t want shred with a cross shredder. This will help deter any identity theft issues.

Identity thieves are everywhere, get protected today 

When running errands or eating out, know where your wallet or purse is at all times. Never place it on the floor or behind your chair. Keep it in front of you at eye level. If you use your credit card or debit card, keep track of when you use it and who you give it to in case a problem comes up.

Taking these simple yet effective measure will help you stay away from identity theft.

What Is Identity Theft?

Someone recently asked me, “What is identity theft?” I replied by explaining to her that the answer can be long and complicated, but to sum up what is identity theft, it is a situation in which someone uses anything that personally identifies you in order to achieve personal or financial gain.

What is identity theft for personal gain?

You might wonder “What is identity theft for personal gain?” because when you hear the word theft you think of somebody stealing your money or belongings. Identity theft for personal gain could be somebody using your personal information in order to get a job. They might do this because they are unable to obtain a job with their own identity due to a criminal record or a bad credit history. It could be that they are not a citizen and unable to legally obtain employment. Your identity could be used to rent an apartment or to lease a car or furniture. This can be damaging to you because when they default on the lease agreement, and they will default on the agreement, it will go on your credit report. You may not even realize that somebody has done this until later when you are turned down for credit. What is identity theft for personal gain? It is when somebody gains non-monetarily from your identity.

What is identity theft for financial gain?

What is identity theft for financial gain? This is when somebody uses your personal information to obtain a loan or credit cards. Then they will take the money and run, leaving you responsible for paying. The thing is that you won’t know that you have this bill until later when you start to receive calls from the bill collectors and by then the thief is long gone. Your identity can also be used to open bank accounts in order to use them for fraudulent activity. This can be especially damaging because it makes you look like a criminal. Credit card fraud is also a form of identity theft for financial gain. This is when somebody gains access to your credit card information and uses your credit cards without your knowledge or permission.

If you find yourself asking, “What is identity theft?” then it is time to get some answers and learn to protect yourself against it. Watch your statements closely each month for unauthorized activity and check your credit report at least a few times each year. Don’t wait for somebody to call you and tell you that your identity has been stolen. By then it is too late.

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Protect Your Identity Online Starting Now...

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5 Tips To Avoiding Identity Theft

1. Shred everything. One way which would-be identity robbers obtain information is via “dumpster-diving”, sometimes referred to as trash-picking. If you are bills and credit card statements, old bank card or Atm machine bills, healthcare claims as well as junk-mail solicitations for cards and mortgages, you could be leaving too much info laying about. Get a personal shredder and eliminate all papers just before disposing of them. Absolutely no shredder? Use the poor man’s shredder by shredding up the paper directly into tiny pieces.

2. Eradicate computer data. Whenever you sell, trade or otherwise not dispose of a laptop or computer system, or a hard drive, or perhaps a recordable CD, DVD or even backup tape, you’ll want to take extra actions to ensure the data is fully, utterly and irrevocably damaged. Just deleting the info or reformatting the hard generate is nowhere around enough. Anyone with somewhat tech skill could undelete files or even retrieve information coming from a formatted drive for a few simple identity theft. Use a plan to make sure that data about hard drives is completely destroyed. For CD, Dvd and blu-ray or tape mass media you should physically damage it by splitting or shattering this before disposing of this. There are shredders created specifically to demolish Compact disc / Digital video disc media.

3. Analyze your credit score annually. This has for ages been good advice, but it utilized to cost money, or you needed to first be refused from receiving credit rating so that you could get a no cost copy. Now it is achievable to get a free review your credit report once each year. The big three credit scoring agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) joined up with forces to provide no cost credit reports to shoppers. The web site, annual credit report.com, could be the only place you ought to get your record from. You are allowed to ask each of your accounts yearly for free. You must review it to make sure the knowledge on it is precise and also make sure that generally there aren’t any accounts on the website that you aren’t aware of or some other suspicious entries or even activity. Spreading your needs out every month or two allow you to check your credit score throughout the year for identity theft, not only once.

4. Protect the . Our Social Safety Numbers have become sort of national identification quantity, but the number is an extremely private piece of data. You should never carry your current Social Security number or greeting card in your wallet with your motorists license and other id. You should never use your just like any part of a login or password that you simply establish and you should by no means divulge it for you to telephone solicitors or even in response to spam as well as phishing scam emails sometimes. When asked for your current , ask if there is yet another number that could be employed, or other unique identifier that could be used. A mortgage company or another lender can’t give you money without it, your physician only needs to realize it to make collections simpler for them should you not spend.

5. Buyer Beware. If it looks to good to be true many times, it is. An unbelievable cope is a great way for the unscrupulous group to get personality information on countless “buyers”. May be the website from a organization you have never heard of giving a product at a huge discount (not discussing Groupon or Living Social here!)? Did someone contact and offer you some thing, but they just need one to verify some private detail? Don’t end up any sucker. If you are getting from a well recognize company, is the relationship secure?

Identity Theft, are you a Victim? Take Actions Immediately

If you have been the victim of identity theft and you are deeply in debt to creditors you never contacted, you will not be held responsible for the charges – but you will have to prove that you have been the victim of identity theft, which is tricky since the thieves are using your name and claiming to be you. Taking any or all of the following action can help save you form this frustrating experience.

1) Contact the three major credit bureaus and ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain that you have been the victim of identity theft (or believe you may have been) and ask that an “alert” be placed on your file. This will let anyone looking at your report know that you may have been the victim of fraud. It will also mean that you will be alerted any time a lender asks to look at your file – each time a lender does look at your file, it may be an indication that the identity thieves are trying to open a new account in your name.

When the lender sees that the person applying is not you, they will deny the thieves credit and in most cases the criminals will stop trying to access your identity. Most alerts on your file last 90 or 180 days but you can extend this period to several years by asking the credit agencies for an extension of the “fraud alert” in writing.

In some states, you can even ask for a freeze to be placed on your credit score and credit report, which will prevent anyone but yourself and those creditors you already have from accessing your file. Any lenders the thieves contact to set up a new account will be refused access and the thieves will not be able to get any more money in your name.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report if you have been the victim of identity theft. Be sure to take advantage of this offer so that you can check exactly how your credit has been affected. Dispute those items that are not yours.

2) Call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) .This is the special hotline that the FTC has set up to help customers deal with fraud and identity theft. You will be able to get up-to-date information about your rights and advice as to what you can do to improve your credit score and keep in safe in the future.

3) Contact the police. Identity theft is a crime and you need to file a police report (be sure to keep a copy of this report) so that you can help the police potentially catch the criminals responsible. Contacting the police will also give you a paper trail and proof that a crime has been committed. Keeping a paper trail of the crime and your response will make it easier for you to repair your credit if it has been damaged by identity thieves.

4) Contact your creditors or any creditors that the identity thieves have opened an account with. Ask to speak to the security department and explain your predicament. You may need to have your accounts closed or at least your passwords changed to protect yourself.

5) You may also need to fill out a fraud affidavit to state that a crime has been committed. Be sure to keep a copy of this form for your records. The security team of the creditors should be able to advise you as to what you can do. Be sure to note down whom you contacted and when so that you have records of the steps you have taken to deal with the crime.

It is frustrating to be a victim of Identity theft because lenders will want to be paid and you will want to avoid paying for charges you did not run up. Being persistent and keeping good proof that you have been the victim of a crime will help to clear your credit score. In the meantime, however, you will be faced with a much lower credit rating than you deserve and you may have to put off larger purchases that may require a loan.

A look into Cyber Weapons of the Future

A look into Cyber Weapons of the Future

Remember the good ‘ol days when you thought of a finger pushing a button that launched a Russian missile that then sped at seven miles per second towards the U.S. to blow it up?

Little did we know back then what would one day be a way for the Superpowers to war on each other: cyber technology!

A new book is out called Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War, written by Peter W. Singer and August Cole. WWIII certainly won  t be wrought with speeding missiles and hand-to-hand combat in the trenches  at least not the bulk of it.

An article on vice.com notes that the Third World War will take place in cyberspace (in addition to land, sea and air).

Vice.com contacted Singer about his novel. One of the villains is China, even though much of the attention has been on the Middle East and so-called terrorist attacks by radical Muslims.

To write the novel, the authors met with a wide assortment of people who, if WWIII were to come about, would likely be involved. This includes Chinese generals, anonymous hackers and fighter pilots. This gives the story authenticity, realism…a foreshadowing.

Singer explains that his novel is so realistic that it  s already influencing Pentagon officials in their tactics.

The Third World War will probably not require so much the ability to do pull-ups, slither under barbed wire and rappel down buildings, but the mastering of cyberspace and outer space: It  s likely that the winner of this war will be king beyond land, sea and air: lord over the digital world and the blackness beyond our planet  s atmosphere.

Projected Weapons of WWIII;

* A kite-shaped Chinese drone, massive enough to take out stealth planes and ships
* Drones that, from high altitude, could get an instant genetic readout of an individual
* Smart rings that replace computer mouses
* Brain-machine interfaces. This already exists in the form of paralyzed people using their thoughts (hooked up to a computer) to move a limb (their own or robotic). This technology has applications in torturing the enemy.That old saying, “What the mind can conceive and believe, can be achieved,” seems to be becoming more truer by the second. Imagine being able to wipe out the enemy by plugging your thoughts into a computer and imagining them having heart attacks.

One Billion Records Broken Into

1 Billion Records

 Billions and billions only determined by time just before becomes the amount of hacking occurrences in 1 year, because just in 2014, greater than one billion records were compromised from 1,500 distinct hacking occurrences, states a existing report. Yet another findings inside the report:

* Just a bit more than half the breaches involved charge card figures, Social Safety figures in conjunction with other private information.

* Most hacking occurrences occurred inside the U.S.

* 55 percent from the occurrences involved retailers, mainly affecting purpose for obtain systems that lack file encryption technology.

* The non-public sector, combined with government, needed up 17 % from the hits.The united states government has currently established it the White-colored Home intentions of dedicating a workplace entirely to working out how you are able to stand above cyber crime. Let hope the White-colored House truly dissects cyber attack technologies. The federal government customers, the non-public sector, retailers, banks as well as the government authorities do to seriously make it tough for online hackers to result in mayhem?

* Undergo all their passwords and switch the weak ones with sturdy ones. An inadequate password is under eight figures (some specialists propose that it's a minimum of 12), consists of actual words or names, consists of keyboard sequences and it has restricted character variety.Keep in mind that the eight-character password as an example $39#ikPw is highly effective and superior than the 12-character 123qwertyTom. But improve the strength by looking into making the password a minimum of 12 figures in addition to a jumble of character gibberish. A web based password manager can execute all of this for you personally personally.

* Set up anti-virus software program. What this suggests is anti-virus, anti-spy ware, anti-phishing in addition to a firewall. Then make certain they're normally up-to-date. Miracle targeted traffic bot ought to be placed in your smartphone and tablet.

* If you are still working with property windows XP considering the fact that you don''t wish to part out of one's safe spot, get totally free from it straight away, due to the fact it won&rsquot be so cozy whenever your system will get dismantled using a hacker. Dwelling windows XP is not susceptible to security patches and updates by Microsoft. You'll need a version, by way of example MS Win 7, that receives regular updates.

* Your router carries a password which has been set through the manufacturer. Online hackers know these passwords. Therefore, you have to change it out. Next, turn your WPA or WPA2 encrypted shield on. If you do not understand how to do this stuff, contact the routers manufacturer or google it.

And unless of course you've file encryption while utilizing the public Wi-Fi, consider your lone zebra wandering around inside the African savanna where prides of hungry lions are observing you. Obtain a Virtual private network. Google it.